Welcome to Cottononline!

High quality cotton clothing and knitwear at affordable prices!

Our cotton knitwear is made with the best quality 100% cotton yarn. It is over-dyed to produce a choice and unique range of appealingĀ colours. Our cotton knits are pre-shrunk and can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

Our sizing is as follows:

Small – size 30-32 or size 6-8

Medium – size 34-36 or size 10-12

Large – size 38-40 or size 14-16

Extra Large – size 42 or size 18 *** Extra Large is only offered on a few selected styles.

One Size – This size fits most – size range 30-40 or size 6-16

As all our knitwear is made from real cotton, with absolutely no synthetic materials used in the manufacture of these garments, jerseys will stretch with, and during wear. However once they are washed the revert back to their original size.

Naturally cotton is best!